Had to pause midway to do some family stuff but really enjoying.

Megan's comment that she was expecting more competency from govt is really telling of really how disappointing all this is.. given her libertarian foundations. Her expectations were low and should have been met.

Important to remember other govts elsewhere were more effective for different reasons at different things. In no way should this be a judgement on govt intervention universally but it's pretty damning for how we think about state use.

What gets to me the most about Psaki's eye rolls is that liberal governments should be begging to show us examples of the competency of state capacity. When I ran startups in b2b services I was literally begging folks to let me serve them in various ways. Begging for the opportunity to show them how well I could. As a private company I had the competency to serve the segments that could afford to pay for those services, but did not have the capacity to offer the services free or cheap enough for everyone to use them. Government shouldn't have this issue, since they should have the ultimate capacity in the economy.

"We can afford anything we can actually do"

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