Ok Josh, you need to replace Joe Kernen when he retires from “Squawk Box”. ( I’m at my parents, and CNBC is ALL my Dad watches.) Was reading VS, you’d be great. 👍🏻

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I feel like the coverage of Monkeypox always tried to treat it in the same vein as COVID. Of course this is odd, as the two are nothing alike, but I feel that same sense of panic-porn that was present early on with COVID.

In there vein it’s worth noting that media coverage was TERRIBLE with COVID early on, careening between COVID being overblown beyond belief and it being the Black Plague. Maybe the fearmongers were just as bad then as they are now, and perhaps they simply got “lucky” that COVID actually was a worst case scenario.

Either way, I just feel the Monkeypox coverage is a last attempt at relevance from a medical community that doesn’t want to admit people have moved on and doesn’t want to waste their day hearing about how this new disease is going to turn our world into “The Stand.”

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