I think you buried the lede here which is this:

> “I’m no fan of Barstool, but the Dave Portnoy video that came out after the Dobbs ruling was surprising to me, and pointed to this new segment of the electorate that I hadn’t been thinking about,” said Josh Yazman, a political data scientist at Civis Analytics, a Democrat-aligned research shop.

Civis employs hundreds of folks doing R&D for the democratic machine and this was surprising to them? Man the folks that run this party are out of touch. Who do they think listens to Joe Rogan and watches Barstool?

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"... well-being and the agency of women in general".

What about the well-being of the other human in this equation.

On this site I understand I'm swimming upstream, but there are two humans here.

He or she it is not going to be a newborn sea-monkey.

My position is the mother and baby should be protected.

Unfortunately that makes me sound pro-abortion, which I do not consider myself.

Many will hide behind the rulings that say the unborn child does not have legal standing.

Humans created those rulings.

They can be re-interpreted as enlightenment occurs.

Let the attacks begin.

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Do you think that this portends a future where the GOP just foregrounds abortion less? With Roe gone (the unifying goal is gone), and Republicans supporting candidates that are disreputable (and in their moral reckoning, personally accessories to murder), seems like the best move would be to talk about anything else.

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Thanks for this thoughtful post. In the wake of Dobbs--and AOC's call for men to speak out against it--I penned the story of my own journey to becoming a pro-choice Christian: https://nickcoccoma.substack.com/p/my-abortion-journey

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