Sitemap - 2023 - Very Serious

The Fed Is Working on the Vibes

Good Night, Sweet Princess

How To Win Re-Election Even When Everyone Hates Your Handling of the Economy

The Price Level Doesn't Fall

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Can Colleges Be Changed?

Identity Politics Meets College Politics With Predictably Stupid, Immoral Results

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Growth Is Up; Why Are Stocks Down?

Does The House Need a Speaker?

Ozempic Is Obviously Good For Business

Republicans Should Stop Expecting Democrats to Fix Their Problems, Speaker Edition

Two Kinds of Inflation

On Abortion, Donald Trump Is Doing the Republican Equivalent of Hippie Punching

Biden Should Pick A New Running Mate for 2024: Gretchen Whitmer

Well, That Was Stupid

Section Guy Runs For President

Memo to Ron DeSantis: Be Smarter

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Just Desserts

On the Tragedy of Hunter Biden

Elon Musk's Twitter Problem is He Doesn't Get People

YIMBYs Are Doing Better Than They Get Credit For

The Kennedys Were Always Bad

Affirmative Action Has Been Specifically Discriminatory Against Asians

David Schleicher on the Fiscal Whipsaw in State Governments

Thoughts On This Week's Supreme Court Decisions

Grilling Is Still Bad — Here's What to Do Instead

It's Morning in Biden's America Again

It's Time for GOP Candidates to Pile On Trump

This Is Solely Donald Trump's Fault

Normal Politics Resolved the Debt Ceiling Crisis

Janet Yellen Had Better Have a Secret Plan for the Debt Limit

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Debt Limit Scenarios

The Trump-CNN Town Hall Was Useful and Appropriate

Now It's Time to Start the Fiscal Negotiation

The Fox-Dominion Settlement Was No Parking Ticket

The Martini Police, with Peter Suderman

House Republicans Debate Whether to Shoot Themselves in the Foot

I Have Thoughts About This Ron DeSantis Pudding Ad

The Arrival of 'Normal Politics' for the Debt Ceiling

Elon Musk Wants You to Hear About Substack Notes

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Elon Musk's Twitter Misadventure Is Unusual Only in Scale

Being Indicted Is Still Bad

This Week In the Mayonnaise Clinic: Who Likes High Interest Rates?

Why Won't the Editors of Nature Follow the Data and Listen to the Science?

The Subway Is For Transportation

Is Ron DeSantis Savvy Or Not?

'Bailout' Is Not a Dirty Word

Jason Furman on the Inflation That Keeps Going and Going and Going

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: California Is Still Good

Biden Will Not Be Bullied Into Wasting Political Capital

It's Fine to Order the Same Dish as Your Spouse

The Press Is Bored, And That's Why They Talk About Biden Not Running Again

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: No Tipping for Bottled Water

A Rant: Chocolate Is Overrated

Nineties 2, Electric Boogaloo: The Return of the V-Chip

Biden's State of the Union Was a Feisty Return to '90s Politics. Republicans Should Be Afraid.

National Lessons from New York's Red Wave, with Ross Barkan

Just Because Some Journalists Are Incredibly Neurotic Doesn't Mean Everyone Else Is

Why Republicans Find it Hard to Be Nice These Days

Normal Fiscal Politics Can Resolve the Debt Ceiling Crisis

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Investing for Hot Millenninals

So, Why Not the Coin?

A Boring Plan for Managing the Debt Limit

The answer to homelessness and homeownership is supply, with Jerusalem Demsas

‘From My Cold, Dead Hands’ — Or, Until There’s Something Better

Gas Stoves Should Be a Matter of Individual Choice

This Week in the Mayonnaise Clinic: Why Does Everything Suck?

When Does the House Need a Speaker?

Abortion Is Going to Be a Huge Problem for Republicans in 2024